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Toni (daughter) and Steve Binkley (son-in-law) have been helping Lee & Doug for many years!


Lee Felt and Steve Binkley will be traveling to Georgia for the UNICOI festival in November.  Hope to see you there!   (Posted:  9/22/18)


December 11, 2017

Attention Mountain Dulcimer Community and everyone Interested in Lee Felt or Dulcimer Bag Lady: 

Greetings from Lee Felt and Thistledew Acres (aka Dulcimer Bag Lady)! 

Just wanted to update everyone on Lee and the status of her dulcimer bag and dulcimer accessories company, Thistledew Acres, www.dulcimerbaglady.com .

      Yes, Lee had a slight stroke back in September.  It was an eye-opening experience for her and her family.   Lee’s daughter,
Toni, and husband, Steve, have taken an increasingly active role in the business in making product and vendoring locally, and plan
to continue to help Lee in any way possible to keep things rolling.

       So … Thistledew Acres is still with us.   As of now, all back orders have been sent with the remainder going out this weekend.  
Steve and Toni (along with Lee’s increasing involvement) are actually getting ahead on some inventory and ready to get back into the
swing of things.

       As for Lee, she is getting stronger every day.   There is just a few minor reminders of the stroke, but her increasing strength, walking every day, modifying diet, and returning to the business several days a week are all indicators that she is moving forward and still involved with her company and the dulcimer world.

      With that thought in mind, the business website www.dulcimerbaglady.com has been updated for the present.  For better communication with all of you, there is now a Facebook Page for Thistledew Acres/Dulcimer Bag Lady.   
Click here, https://www.facebook.com/dulcimerbaglady/
  and ‘Like Us’ for the latest info, to post comments, or to ask questions. 

      This is Shari Wolf posting.   I am Lee’s webmaster and am so thrilled to provide this update.




Doug & Lee Felt
March, 2012

We promised Doug that we would continue the business after he passed away in October, 2014, and WE ARE.  Our daughter Toni Binkley,  her husband Steve, and granddaughter Claire will help me continue the business.   Steve is doing all the woodwork.  Toni and Claire are helping me with the sewing so that I can continue to go to festivals.
                                                      Hope to see you soon!   LEE


We invite you into our workshop and internet store filled with soft dulcimer bags, totes, music stands, instrument stands and other music related items. 
"We are dulcimer players and make our bags for dulcimer players."  LF

"When you make a purchase from us, we ask for certain information to be used to process your order and to update you on the status of your order.  All information is kept private and will not be sold, given or rented to other companies or individuals."  
Lee Felt


Tablature book for Doug's CD, "A Little of This and a Little of That"  ...   Check out Doug's Music page link below.

For a closer look, click on one of the following:


... including mountain dulcimer bags (single and double), tote bags, tablet tote bags and ...
 Bowed Dulcimer Bags 

Please note:  We have been making soft dulcimer bags for over 30 years. 
Recently, some mainland Chinese copies have come on the market. 
I still make each and every bag that we sell.  If you want quality, make sure you see
our label and the thistle/heart logo.        Lee Felt (1/15/2011)

 ... keep that dulcimer out of the case on one of our oak music stands  

 ... keep that bowed dulcimer and bow out of the case and ready to play

 ... make playing your dulcimer more comfortable .... Lightweight and collapsible

... make learning & playing music as easy and as comfortable as possible with these 
portable, lightweight and handcrafted wooden music stands

... embroidered straps and plain straps with disconnects on both ends

... We still have some copies of his CD recording and tablature book

... print and fill out the order form and mail it to us 


... would love to meet you and see our products in person

... from a hobby to a business


During the 2009 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, Guy George invited Doug to join him to play Lee's Waltz, written by Doug. 
Doug is on the mountain dulcimer and Guy on the pennywhistle.

From the Mailbag ... 

Lee,   I've just received my order. What beautiful craftsmanship in everything!   I'm so happy; can't wait to travel with my dulcimer!   Have a wonderful holiday season,  Martha  (12/14/17)   

Lee, the bag arrived safely today.  It's beautiful!  Thank you and Merry Christmas.  We're set to have the perfect holiday.  Glenn  (12/14/17)

Hi Lee - I received my dulcimer bag and strap today - thank you for such prompt work on my behalf.  I know I'll get the expected protection from the bag. The strap looks elegant.  I appreciate the embroidery
work on both products.  I'll proudly pack my instrument in my new bag for next week's Gathering and also Christmas carols with other friends - enjoy your holidays - Fran (12/1/17)

Dear Lee,  I received my music stand yesterday and in time for my music class in which we need to show our readiness to play for the patients in the hospital.   I love this stand!  It's smaller than I thought,
which is just perfect enough for my music, the height is great and it's so light weight for me to be carrying around the hospital along with my instrument, music and chair.   Thanks also for adding the pad of
paper and pen -   a thoughtful touch which I'm sure will come in handy.  I will keep you info in the stand as I'm sure I will be asked where I purchased it.   Again, my thanks.   Leonetta  (9/7/17)

Hello,    I attended KMW and was the lucky winner of your dulcimer bag.  Wanted to thank you for your donation to the raffle.  It is a lovely bag and I am really enjoying it very much.  Beautiful work!
Thanks again,  Paulette   (8/10/17)

Hi Lee,  Just a note to let you know that my order has arrived and I could not me any more happier. Great workmanship! Thank you again   Bob (3/4/17)

Yes, it came yesterday in the afternoon mail and I love it.  The tablet bag is perfect, the stool works great for relaxing the feet while playing, and the Cd is delightful.  Can't wait to tackle Lee's Waltz. 
I think I will take a look at your available bags for gift ideas.  'Tis the season.    Thanks and have a great day.   Joyce  (10/7/16)

Lee, I just received my new bag today!  Thank you for all the work put into it.  It's beautifully put together and I can't wait to show it off!!   Cheers, Mark  (10/5/16)

Lee, The double dulcimer bag arrived yesterday and, as with all your creations, it is exactly what I needed. My standard and baritone fit in beautifully.  It arrived just in time to be used Monday
when I play at an interactive living history museum where it will blend in with the 1890 time period.  Like my music stand, I know this will last for years.  Thanks, .Karen (4/10/16)

Lee, Thanks for the workmanship or workwomenship on the music stand, It is much nicer than I expected, love the ease in handling and carrying. Great Job! The pen and notepad nice extras.  Linda  (4/2/16)

Hi Lee,  Got my Bowed Dulcimer bag yesterday. The workmanship is awesome! This Bag/case is far superior to that of your competion. And especially better than the Chinese copies.  It is easy to see that a lot
of care and thought went into the design of this Bag/case, the fact that you use 45 different pieces of material shows up in the ruggedness and protection of my expensive instrument. Fantastic product. I don't
believe a large company or manufacurer could do any better. The many features are impressive i,e: shoulder straps, side strap, carrying handle, inner bow slot, outside pouch, etc , not to mention the embroadery
and peronsonalization just makes it one of a kind. Keep up the great work!  Bill  (4/2/16)

Lee, Thank you for my hand made dulcimer bag. I truly love it. The cushoning for protection is perfect for me as I tend to be clumsy and bang my dulcimer on things. With the backpack straps it keeps my dulcimer
clear of obstructions.  The embroidery makes it unique and your color choices are the best I have seen also.  I'm so proud to show it off...so many compliments. When anything is hand sewn/hand made it holds a
bit of the maker in it so thank you for a unique and special product!Lajuana (3/30/16)

Lee,  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.  The bag and  music stand arrived today. They are beautiful. Outstanding craftsmanship.  I am sure I will enjoy them a long time.  Richard (3/23/16)

Lee,   I was so happy to receive the quality music stand.  The purple canvas is lovely with all the little ‘touches’ you put on it.  The craftsmanship is grand and I’m so pleased with it.  If my dulcimer teacher had not
encouraged me to call you, I would have missed a blessing.  Thank you so much.  Continue trusting HIM for your future as that’s where the blessings lie.  Hugs, Valerie (IN)  6/4/15

Lee, My new Dulcimer Music Stand and beautiful dulcimer strap arrived today – just in time for Memorial Weekend.  Thank you – they are lovely.  I am going to enjoy them. Beverly (5/23/15)

Dear Lee,   Everything arrived in great shape. I want to thank you and your family for creating products of excellent quality and craftsmanship.  The plushness/thickness of the dulcimer bag will offer superior
protection for my dulcimer.  The tote bag offers plenty of room for carrying all of those items I need.  The music stand holds my music notebook at the perfect level and angle - my music won't fall off as it
sometimes does with a regular music stand. The footstool is very well made and durable - I plan to carry it with me. Also, I am so glad that I was able to add Doug's CD and tabbook.  I have listened to the CD 
several times - I really enjoy it.  The tab book is very well written and easy to follow.  It is definitely a treasure to have in my collection. The embroidered dulcimer strap I received is a darker blue than the other
items I ordered. I checked my copy of the order form to be sure I had checked blue and not navy. I had circled blue.  Would it be possible for me to return the dulcimer strap and exchange it for the blue that
matches my bag, tote, and stand?  Please let me know.   Thanks again!   Patsy (5/14/15)

Lee, Just to let you know both packages arrived yesterday, everything intact.  So happy with your quality craftsmanship.   Thanks,  Marji  (5/5/15)

Lee, I received the dulcimer stand in excellent shape! Thanks so much for such a quality product.  I will always look on your site for my dulcimer necessities. Linda  (4/17/15)

We are on the road several  times during the year doing festivals, but do receive our mail and e-mails while traveling.  We do carry an extensive inventory with us so we can ship immediately from wherever we are.  Occasionally, we will sell out  of something, somewhere along the way, and your order would be delayed until we get back home.  We would make you aware of the situation.  
Thanks!  ... Lee

Thanks for visiting with us.  Stop by again, soon.

Last updated:  September, 2018

  If you have any questions, email Lee and Toni.