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December 11, 2017

Attention Mountain Dulcimer Community and everyone Interested in Lee Felt or Dulcimer Bag Lady: 

Greetings from Lee Felt and Thistledew Acres (aka Dulcimer Bag Lady)! 

Just wanted to update everyone on Lee and the status of her dulcimer bag and dulcimer accessories company, Thistledew Acres, www.dulcimerbaglady.com .

      Yes, Lee had a slight stroke back in September.  It was an eye-opening experience for her and her family.   Lee’s daughter,
Toni, and husband, Steve, have taken an increasingly active role in the business in making product and vendoring locally, and plan
to continue to help Lee in any way possible to keep things rolling.

       So … Thistledew Acres is still with us.   As of now, all back orders have been sent with the remainder going out this weekend.  
Steve and Toni (along with Lee’s increasing involvement) are actually getting ahead on some inventory and ready to get back into the
swing of things.

       As for Lee, she is getting stronger every day.   There is just a few minor reminders of the stroke, but her increasing strength, walking every day, modifying diet, and returning to the business several days a week are all indicators that she is moving forward and still involved with her company and the dulcimer world.

      With that thought in mind, the business website www.dulcimerbaglady.com has been updated for the present.  For better communication with all of you, there is now a Facebook Page for Thistledew Acres/Dulcimer Bag Lady.   
Click here, https://www.facebook.com/dulcimerbaglady/
  and ‘Like Us’ for the latest info, to post comments, or to ask questions. 

      This is Shari Wolf posting.   I am Lee’s webmaster and am so thrilled to provide this update.




Doug & Lee Felt
March, 2012

We promised Doug that we would continue the business after he passed away in October, 2014, And We Are.  Our daughter Toni Binkley,  her husband Steve, and granddaughter Claire will help me continue the business.   Steve is doing all the woodwork.  Toni and Claire are helping me with the sewing so that I can continue to go to festivals.
                                                      Hope to see you soon!   LEE


We invite you into our workshop and internet store filled with soft dulcimer bags, totes, music stands, instrument stands and other music related items. 
"We are dulcimer players and make our bags for dulcimer players."  LF

"When you make a purchase from us, we ask for certain information to be used to process your order and to update you on the status of your order.  All information is kept private and will not be sold, given or rented to other companies or individuals."  
Lee Felt


Tablature book for Doug's CD, "A Little of This and a Little of That"  ...   Check out Doug's Music page link below.

For a closer look, click on one of the following:


... including mountain dulcimer bags (single and double), tote bags, tablet tote bags and ...
 Bowed Dulcimer Bags 

Please note:  We have been making soft dulcimer bags for over 30 years. 
Recently, some mainland Chinese copies have come on the market. 
I still make each and every bag that we sell.  If you want quality, make sure you see
our label and the thistle/heart logo.        Lee Felt (1/15/2011)

 ... keep that dulcimer out of the case on one of Doug's oak music stands  

 ... keep that bowed dulcimer and bow out of the case and ready to play

 ... make playing your dulcimer more comfortable .... Lightweight and collapsible

... make learning & playing music as easy and as comfortable as possible with these 
portable, lightweight and handcrafted wooden music stands

... embroidered straps and plain straps with disconnects on both ends

... CD recording, tablature book

... print and fill out the order form and mail it to us 


... would love to meet you and see our products in person

... from a hobby to a business


During the 2009 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, Guy George invited Doug to join him to play Lee's Waltz, written by Doug. 
Doug is on the mountain dulcimer and Guy on the pennywhistle.

From the Mailbag ...

Good Afternoon Lee,    The dulcimer bag and the stand did arrive today.  Thank you very much for the wonderful workmanship for both pieces.  I love the bag and the stand.  It is also a birthday present for myself. 
With best regards.   Joachim S  (9/13)

Just to let you know I received my fabric music stand and I love it.   Very nice looking and just what I wanted.  Thanks again.  Francie G  (7/13)

My wife recieved the wood dulcimer stand that I ordered from you and I just wanted to compliment you on your work.  The stand is well designed, very well made and also beautiful to look at. We placed her dulcimer stand on it and it looks wonderful.  Thank you very much for the stand.  Bud P. (6/13)

Lee and Doug,  I just wanted to tell you the bag arrived safely and looks fantastic!  It fits my dulcimer and bow perfectly.  Thanks for getting it out so soon.  Best Regards,  Richard  (5/13)

Hi Lee, Both dulcimer bags arrived today.  Beautiful, as usual, and they fit perfectly.  Thanks,   Parker (5/13)

Thanks you so much. The quality of the bag is more than I even expected. I love both the stand and the bag. Blessings, Rosie  (2/13)

Lee, I received my new, wonderfully crafted music stand today.  I am certainly pleased with your superb craftsmanship and personal touch of the pen and note pad.  Thank you so much for shipping it to me, and for calling to make sure it came in.  I am looking forward to taking it to our Duplin Dulcimer Club meeting at the end of the month.  Now it will be able to fit in with the look of the other players' stands, instead of having to use the metal music stand.  Thanks again ... Carol C (10/2011)

Lee,     I wanted to let you know we just received our music stands and we just love them. Thank you so much for such wonderful products !!!  Mike & Sharon L. (11/12/10)

Hi Lee ...  I know you are traveling now - I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the workmanship on my Dulcimer Bag!  It is really a delight and handles  the 41" quite well.  Again, my sincere thanks!   Best regards.  Robert M. (10/16/10)

Dear Lee .... I spoke on the phone with you less than a week ago, when you said that you would be able to finish a blue bag by the end of the week and ship it the following week.  Well, it was like Christmas.  The bag arrived on Friday and it is wonderful, with embroidery, quality outside and lining fabric and stitching, extra pockets, hooks, and a Velcro pouch to keep picks safe.  It's a dream.  Now I can attend workshops and leave at home the cardboard box with bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts.  Thank heavens for the internet so that I could find you.   Barbara P (2/01/2010)

Lee ... The stands arrived safe and sound.  Every one loves them -- and are thrilled with the pen and notepad  --  nothing like a freebie to excite retired folks!  Thank you so much.  I am sure that when others in the group see them, you will be getting more orders from Sun City Texas!   Kathie Shelby  (01/26/2010)

Lee,  Wanted to let you know I received the replacement strap today.  Thank you so much for your prompt attention.  I know I will be telling others about your great service.  Betty J (8/09)
Hi Folks---I received the bowed dulcimer stand several days ago.  The craftsmanship of the stand is absolutely wonderful (just like the craftsmanship of your dulcimer bags).  The quality of work that is displayed in the stand exceeds anything I had expected.  We can display it (with the BD) proudly with our other instruments.  Thanks for the care and attention you give to the items you both produce.  Irwin, Tallahassee (5/09)

Lee,  Thank Doug for his handy work!  The dulcimer stands arrived today and are truly a mark of excellent craftsmanship.  Jim D (5/09)

Lee - I received the dulcimer bag and I wanted to let you know it's fantastic!  The fit is perfect, even for my over-size instrument. Thanks for all your help.  Georgia S (4/09)

Hi Lee.
I just wanted to let you know that I received my (forest green) dulcimer music stand today.  It looks really nice.  The matching pen and the notepad were an added bonus, plus the heart patch on the pocket is really cute.  I've tried it out and I've already noticed a huge improvement in my playing (ha ha).  Thank you for your prompt service and a wonderful (and very light weight)  product.  I'm looking forward to using it at the dulcimer festivals.    Susan C (3/09)

Hi ... I just got my BagLady BD stand in the mail today - REALLY nice, and very sturdy.  The bow arm is perfect, adjustable to any angle, and the little L-hook is plastic-coated for protection. The upper and lower pegs are secured in the crossbeams with really large nylon wing nuts, so they can be easily adjusted for the width of your instrument. Casey sits very happily in it, with her bow hanging beside her. A really good buy!  Ruth  (2/09)

Hi Lee and Doug,
I just received my music stand and instrument stand. The workmanship on both is beautiful!  I will get years of enjoyment out of them and think of you two whenever I use them.  The price is very reasonable for such lasting quality.  Hope to see you some day on the festival trail.  Thanks again and my best to you both.  Dave, Greensboro, NC

Hi, Lee & Doug,
My order of the blue tote bag, the music stand, and the foot stool arrived today, and I'm delighted with their quality.  The stand is so lightweight and so very handy with all its pockets, and I love the pen you added.  The tote bag is roomy enough to hold all my dulcimer books and other supplies.  I haven't tried fitting the foot stool in it yet but will tomorrow.  The foot stool is just the right height and slope, cleverly designed, and beautiful.  In fact, all of the pieces are lovely, and I will feel good using such aesthetically pleasing tools.  Thank you so much.  And thank you for the quick delivery.  I had assumed it would take at least a month for you to get the entire order ready and had prepared my impatient self to wait.  What a great surprise when the mail arrived today!  I can hardly wait to show my dulcimer teacher.  Janice (8/08)

Hi! The order arrived and those are the slickest music stands we've ever seen. They're so lightweight - no need to worry about banging the instruments against them - they slide across our wood floors with the greatest of ease! Absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much. My husband is anxious to learn to play the spoons, and I'm looking forward to the CD and music book as well. Thank you so very much for the quality of your work and the prompt shipment. Kathy M (5/08)

Hi, Lee!  This afternoon at my rural post office, I received my order of the burgundy double-dulcimer bag, the back-pack strap, the 3 dulcimer straps and 2 wooden capos.    What rapid service!  Your workmanship on the dulcimer bag is superb!    I'm bringing it to my dulcimer club's practice session on Wednesday night.   There at least two more ladies in my group who are interested in ordering one of your bags.    Even with the over-size package rate, the quality of this dulcimer bag is well worth the cost.  I will recommend your products to any dulcimer player!  Best Regards,  Carol P

Dear Lee ... The bowed dulcimer bag you made me arrived today. All I can say is "wow"!!! It is so beautiful! I can't thank you enough. I didn't know you would also do that beautiful embroidery on it with the heart too.  I love the color and everything about it. I am going to WCU Winter Weekend next weekend to get my bowed dulcimer. I think the case is the
nicest I've ever seen. thank you so much for  your beautiful craft work. I will love it for years and years to come!!    Sincerely, Renee

Hi Lee and Doug ... Just wanted to send you a hello, and to tell you of my bag's adventures.  My single bag has been back and forth to the states 5 times!!!!  It works very hard. I fit my Simerman in there, then another dulci in a nylon slip bag behind it very tightly, AND my strum stick beside it.  Then on my last trip I was travelling with a tenor Uke and could not afford to take my shoulder bag on the plane, so my mac laptop, and my ticket stuff and book go in the front pocket!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you for making a strong and versatile bag, because if anyone was going to find the limits to it's endurance, it was going to be me.  When I first bought it I thought it would get my instruments home and maybe be good for local fests where I didn't want to carry a hard case.  Now all my hard cases stay home.  I would like to see a couple of side pockets for my phone, pencil and note pad etc.  as I think the beauty of them is that they seem to sneak into most any overheads on planes. Only delta has refused, and I now never  fly with them.  Had my guitar badly damaged together with a ruined case last trip, so overheads are really the way to go. 
Only issue is dropping, as the headstocks are at risk, but careful attention to looking out for and only handling it personally should see me right.  So thanks again for making something with enough integrity that could foresee all the rigorous adventure I was going to put it through and survive, with it's precious cargo intact.  ~Adrian from Australia     12/07

Lee & Doug - I received my burgundy music stand, tote bag and patches yesterday and I am thrilled with them.  Your products are certainly well-made and very attractive.  I will enjoy them so much as I play my dulcimer.   Thanks - Danna D    8/07

Hello Lee...I just wanted to thank you so much for my beautiful double dulcimer bag and let you know how much I love it.  It is everything I'd hoped it would be and more.  The design and workmanship are beautiful and of top quality, and I love the cross-stitched dulcimer and embroidery.  I know that my dulcimers will be so well protected, and I really like the music bag and small, attached accessory bag - just perfect!  Thank you for a wonderful bag and for filling my order so quickly even though I know this (purple) wasn't one you had at the time in your current stock.  Thank you for "starting with purple."   :)   Ruth S  7/07

Lee ... My order came in the mail yesterday and I wanted to let you know it arrived safely.  I had placed my order sight unseen based on the recommendations from the people at the Everything Dulcimer site.  The quality and the care that you put into your work are obvious and I am very pleased.  Both of my Yocky’s fit perfectly and I love how plush the inside is; they will be well protected.  I didn’t realize the bag was going to come decorated, what a nice touch!  I’m going to start taking two dulcimers to my club meetings now, and I’ll be sure to tell everyone how much I like your products.    Thanks again,  Susan    6/07

We are on the road several  times during the year doing festivals, but do receive our mail and e-mails while traveling.  We do carry an extensive inventory with us so we can ship immediately from wherever we are.  Occasionally, we will sell out  of something, somewhere along the way, and your order would be delayed until we get back home.  We would make you aware of the situation.  
Thanks!  ... Lee

Thanks for visiting with us.  Stop by again, soon.

Last updated:   December 11, 2017

  If you have any questions, email Lee.