Bowed Dulcimer ... Hand Crafted Wooden Instrument Stand



The increasing popularity of the bowed dulcimer prompted Doug's design now handcrafted by Steve Binkley (Doug's son-in-law). 
This attractive, yet sturdy stand is made the same as the regular mountain dulcimer stand,
but has a brass insert in the side to receive the arm to hold the bow.


Important Details:

-- fashioned from oak

-- sturdy construction

-- easily adjustable for most bowed dulcimers

-- space between the pegs is 6" horizontally and 14 1/2" vertically

Price:  $62.50  
(Stand - $55.00 + arm for the bow - $7.50)

If you have already purchased one of the mountain dulcimer stands that has the brass insert in the side (built since January, 2009),
you would only need to purchase the arm to convert the stand to accommodate the bow.   Price of the arm for the bow is $7.50


This bag is the same as a double bag but without the divider.  It does have a sewn-in pocket for the bow inside the bag.  The price for this bag is also $175.00.   For more info, go to the "bags" page.

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Last updated:   December 6, 2017